How to become rich in India: 7 Easy and Practical Tips to Become Rich in 2020

How to become rich in India: 7 Easy and Practical Tips
Every young person want to become rich in life. But many of them think that becoming requires luck and its very difficult task as well.

Hello Friends...!!! there were 3 friends named as JOHN, JACK and JOSEPH they have completed their degree from same college and all of them were 25 years old all 3 of them were at good positions in different multinational company. 

All of them were happy in their life, but there was one thing which was different among them. And it was their thinking related to money. Once all of them were going together somewhere and during conversation, they started discussing on topic "WHY THEY WANT TO SAVE MONEY IN FUTURE?" 

Joseph said that he is saving money because he want to buy a big house and a sporty car in next 2 years. Jack said that he is saving money because he want to do a world tour with his family. But John thinking was different from this both. 

John is saving money to invest it at better place, so that he can become a millionaire by the age of 30. Initially, Jack and Joseph were shocked after listening to this but after sometime they started laughing at John by saying that if he want to become a millionaire, he have to earn and save money till old age then only he will be able to become a millionaire. 

and by the time he will have lots of money, he will become very old and at that time his body will not support him. Now this story is not only about them infact today's young generation also have the same thinking like Jack and Joseph. 

Every person is saving money just to secure their future and fulfill all their wishes. But none of them want to become rich at very young age, because they believe that they have to save money for many years in order to become a millionaire and many people believe that every person is not so lucky that he will become rich quickly. 

But if a person know how to manage and utilize money properly then he can become rich easily. We know how to save money but we don't know how to manage and utilize that money properly, and may be because of this we think that becoming rich is a very difficult task. 

in this article I will share with you 7 simple and practical tips and if you follow that tips continuously and seriously then you can become rich easily. and trust me its really work. So Let's all this 7 tips are practically very useful which anyone can follow that's why now we will try to understand every tip in little bit more detail in order to make it more clear to you. So lets start with the first one. 

    Step 1. FOLLOW THE MONEY: 

    If you will only think and imagine that you want to become rich any how, then you will not become rich in any way. Because in order to become rich, you have to follow your money and you have to increase it continuously by measuring it time to time. 

    Example, if your current salary is Rs.20000 then you have to try that your overall income after 2 years is 2 lakh rupees. Now for this you have to manage your money properly and invest it at better place, so that your overall income increase regularly. 


    Many people in today's young generation believe in show off after getting the salary, they buy various expensive things they buy expensive mobile despite of having a good smart phone, go for shopping every day and buy expensive cloths. 

    Now if you also have the same habit then you cannot become rich. Because by purchasing such thing you are fulfilling your wishes but your money will not generate any profit for you. So try to show up your money instead of doing show off by investing them at the right place. 

    So that more money is generated from that investment and with that money you should fulfill your other wishes. Because by doing this, your wishes will also get fulfilled and at the same time your overall income will also increase 


    Many people save their money but they have no idea what to do with that money, and many time they invest it at such place where they don't get big profit. 

    So you should invest your money at a secure place so that you can get more benefit from it, and you should not touch that invested money at any cost. By doing this, you are following step 1 in order to increase your income. I have already made a article on investment (HINDI) which you can watching by clicking on this link


    If you are already having a bike and then too you are purchasing a sporty bike then you cannot become rich. if you already have a good watch but then too are purchasing an expensive watch then you cannot become rich. Because this are those debt in which investing money will not give you any benefit. 

    Rich people invest their money on those thing which will help to increase their income, and most of the time we invest our money in those things which make rich people more richer. So avoid such debts. 


    If you are not giving first priority to your lover then it may be possible that they flirt with other person just to get your attention, or may be they will do breakup with you. So in order to avoid such things, you always give first priority to your partner. 

    Similarly, you also have to give priority to your money also. Because many people spend their money carelessly and after sometime they are left with nothing. So if you will respect money then only it will respect you if you will manage and use your money properly then only you will get benefit from that money and you will easily become rich. 

    Setep 6. POOR MAKE NO SENSE: 

    There was a boy who was very poor, the financial condition of his family was so bad that he used to wash utensils in hotels for daily income. But despite of all this problems he was able to build a big food empire with his great ideas. And today that food empire is known as KFC in the whole world. And that boy is Colonel Harland Sanders. 

    So if your financial condition is also weak and if you think that you cannot become rich then you are absolutely wrong. Though you have less money but you can increase it by successfully implementing your ideas and research. 

    BILL GATES, who is the richest man in the world has said once that, "IF YOU ARE BORN POOR, ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. BUT IF YOU DIE POOR, THEN ITS YOUR FAULT." 


    You will get result according to way you think. Example, if a student think that he just want to pass in the exam then he will do that much hardwork only just to pass in the exam. But if he decide that he want to TOP in the exam then he will do more hardwork and will pass the exam easily. 

    So if you decide that you want to become a billionaire, then you will become millionaire easily. But if you decide that you only want to become a millionaire then you will never become rich. So keep your dreams and goals big and do more hardwork according to that if you want become rich early. 

    So to conclude practice this all 7 tips regularly and try to apply it in your life if you want to become rich easily. Always remember one thing no one can become rich quickly, its take time and proper procedure to become rich forever. 

    Now one important announcement nowadays I am also active on social networking sites so if you want to connect with me then do like my Facebook page. Up to end write in comment which tips you found most useful also share this article with your family and friends. FINALLY THANKS FOR READING Last but not the least..."GET RICH OR DIE TRYING.

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